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The Shining Beautiful Series Podcast

Dec 12, 2020

The experts warned us.  We did our best to avoid it, but it still entered our circle--even our house!  Yep, we had to get tested and went quarantine.  Mom and Mikelle and no one else.  That was a first.  The result is a few changes in the roles and responsibilities of Mikelle's support...

Nov 17, 2020

As far as support services have come for people with disabilities, dentistry lags behind.  Part funding, part lack of trained dentist and a system overwhelmed with patients, it is tough to get great care when your teeth aren't great.  

In this episode, Katherine details Mikelle's dental journey and recent implant...

Nov 12, 2020

Allison and Katherine discuss the difficulties of educating Jack who is in his final year of high school.  There are many losses but are there some precious finds for everyone.

Oct 30, 2020 is ever-evolving.  In this episode, you get a peek behind the scenes as the SB team explores new podcasting tools in an effort to provide you with higher quality podcasts.  It is goofy, messy and it is real.  We understand why folks are reluctant to engage with this often steep learning curve.  Listen in...

Oct 23, 2020

Shockober, Rocktober....we decided it is Thoughtober--a time to reboot, reflect and renew.  Katherine shares her fall sojourn to nurturing herself through nature and updates on the ladies.

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