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The Shining Beautiful Series Podcast

Jul 24, 2019

Finding the right title for this podcast was a bit challenging. The experience of living with disAbility impacts families and communities for generations to come. Grandson and nephew, Jackson Learned, joins us at the kitchen table to share his experiences growing up with Auntie Mikelle and the impact she has had on his...

Jul 17, 2019

We had hoped in doing our podcast, others might be inspired to start their own.  Lucky us, Colorado Apse decided to start podcasting and started with interviewing as their first episode.  Never to miss and opportunity, we were delightfully accepted.  This episode is full of laughter sprinkled with a good dose of...

Jul 9, 2019

Yahoo!  The Shining Beautiful Series Podcast has inspired Colorado APSE to begin their own podcast series.  Their first interview is US! Interestingly enough, this is a simulcast.  We are interviewing them at the same time they are interviewing us.  Together, we discuss the future of Employment First for Colorado...

Jul 4, 2019

First of all....Happy 4th of July!  This podcast is short and focused.  We all want to spend time with family and friends, play games and eat burgers and barbeque.   Next week we are back on track.  We have several excellent episodes to share with you this month.