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The Shining Beautiful Series Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

What do friends, floods, and futures have in common? 

February! While these events all happened during the month of love, they are not exclusive to a time period.  Although most of the floods we have had...there have been three so far happened in February. 

In this episode, Katherine updates listeners on her continued journey to help Mikelle plan for a future where Mikelle can manage her life more independently, working with other moms with family members with disabilities all around the same ages. Two other topics for discussion are managing the flood, which coincided with Mikelle's Affordable Housing house inspection, and the notion of a second podcast titled Shining Beautiful, too! This podcast is for caregivers and systems navigators. Like Mikelle gives voice to the often voiceless, this podcast would give attention to the often overlooked role of caregivers and the challenges of navigating a rehabilitation system going through significant change.  

Your thoughts on these topics are welcomed. Please reach out to Katherine at